Public Health

The City of Brownsville Public Health Department mission is to improve the quality of life, safety and well being of our community through education and enforcement. 

The Department has over 34 full and part time staffed assigned to five divisions:

  • Animal Regulation & Care Center
    • Dedicated to improving the quality of life for the extended pet population.
  • Inspections & Foods
    • Dedicated to ensure food sold and served within the city is safe and produced under sanitary conditions.
  • Ordinance Enforcement
    • Dedicated to improving the quality of life, protect the health, safety and welfare of the community through enforcement.
  • Vector Control
    • Dedicated to monitoring and controlling mosquitos that are capable of transmitting disease.
  • Wellness
    • Dedicated to improving the City of Brownsville employees health and wellness.

CDC- 2017 Hurricane Key Messages

CDC Health Advisory- Cyclospora cayetanensis Infection

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), State and Local Health Departments, and the

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are investigating an increase in reported cases of cyclosporiasis. The purpose of this HAN Advisory is to notify public health departments and healthcare facilities and to provide guidance to healthcare providers of the increase in reported cases.

Governor Abbott, THHS, and TEA send Zika letter to School Superintendents and School Board Members

May 24, 2017
Thank you for your commitment to the education of school children in Texas. We know the impact of school districts extends well beyond the walls of school campuses and into the communities they serve. As the school year draws to a close, mosquito season is just beginning. As hubs of your community, we are asking for your help in raising awareness of ways to prevent the spread of Zika. Protecting your campuses will help protect your staff, students, their families and the entire community. 

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